A Flat Tire On My Ass, the Autobiography of Errol Parker

A remarkable tale of an artist as antihero.Here is an existential journey through the absurd world of the artist, his adventures filled with the extremes of frustration and elation. From memories of growing up in North Africa, to his first forays in the art world as a sculptor in post-war France, to the successful European recording career that his musical abilities brought him, Errol Parker brings us to his decision to turn his back on all that and forge a new identity. …

AKA Doc: Oral History of a New Orleans Street Musician Told by James May (a.k.a. Doc Saxtrum) to Geoffrey & Ryan Edwards

On the surface, this is a simple story of a man's journey from here to there. It is also a story about art and entertainment in 20th century America told without bitterness or rancor, but also without sidestepping its realities. In simplicity there is truth. …

American Pop from Minstrel to Mojo: On Record 1893-1956 by Allen Lowe

Musician and historian Allen Lowe has studied over 60 years of recordings while tracing the various roots and developments of American popular music. Here are the characters and circumstances of the popular musics that were and became country, blues, ragtime, jazz, swing, dance, and pop. …

Buddy Bolden Says by E. W. Russell

A factional account of the life and times of Buddy Bolden, the legendary first King of Jazz. It is also a chronicle of race, sex, and the uncomfortable realities of turn of the century New Orleans. Evocative of the best of American realism and a grippingly good story.

Death of a Bebop Wife by Grange (Lady Haig) Rutan

This is the compelling life story of pianist Al Haig, one of the Jazz greats in the vanguard of the Bebop revolution.Over 15 years in the making, this is the uncomfortable and often horrifying story of a Jazz life as researched and told by a wife who survived an experience that left many devastated, and, in one case, dead. …

Ken McIntyre: Peace Thru Jazz Bio-discography By Derek Styles

The story of Ken McIntyre is not just the biography/autobiography/discography of one of the important improvisers of the 1950s to 1960s Bop-post Bop transition. In its subtext it is the story of the joys, passions, frustrations, and roadblocks of the creative improvising artist in the United States.

LEEWAY: Lee Morgan Discography by Roger Wernboe

Roger Wernboe has done Jazz scholars, fans, and collectors a great favor. Thanks to his efforts, we finally have, 25 years after Lee Morgan's untimely death, a comprehensive & definititive discography for the legendary and influential trumpeter. All known sessions and releases are described here in full: all the dates, places, titles, & personnel, all together in an easily referenced format.

Memoirs of a Musical "Pesty Mystic"- or - From the Ashcan to the Ashram and Back Again . . .by Narada Burton Greene

Tales and adventures from one of the original cast members of the '60s free jazz movement. Told as only Burton Greene could tell it, here's a look at life and the music through the unique mind of an irrepressible spirit.

ISBN 9781881993407

Playing It By Ear: An Autobiography with concentration on The Woody Herman Orchestra and the New York Jazz Scene in the '40s and '50s. by John LaPorta

Legendary performer and Jazz educator John LaPorta tells his life story in Jazz, concentrating on both performance and his pivotal place in the development of Jazz education in the United States.
ISBN 9781881993388

The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra, 2nd Edition by Robert Campbell and Chris Trent

This is the second and greatly expanded edition of Robert Campbell's definitive look at the recorded works of Sun Ra. This massive book, 850 pages, chronicles, through discography and commentary, the life and recordings of Sun Ra. It includes separate indexes for albums/cds, commercial films/videos, musicians, Saturn matrix & serial numbers, and titles.

The Eberle Named Ray by Jan Eberle

The Ray Eberle story as told by his daughter. Here is a loving but realistic account of the life of one of America's best known big band singers. From big bands to big living, and a supporting cast of characters that includes Glenn Miller, Tex Beneke, The Dorseys, Marion Hutton, Paula Kelly, and many other personalities of The Big Band Era.

The Lord Discography by Tom Lord

Essential. A monumental undertaking. The most complete Jazz reference work ever produced.
All that's Jazz: Ragtime, Traditional, Dixieland, Mainstream, Bop, Free Jazz, Avant-Garde, Vocals, Swing, Fusion, New Music, Big Band, and more, from all over the world.

The Melody Lingers On ... An Autobiography - The unabashed memoirs of Walt Levinsky

As a musician, Levinsky was always praised for his singularly rich tone; that same quality informs his writing. He tells his life-story with style, intelligence and wit, and in telling it might almost be telling the story of an entire generation of musicians—a generation whose coming of age was both interrupted and also accelerated first by the war and then by the virtual disappearance of the market for both jazz and adult popular music. …

Turning Corners: The Life and Music of Leroy Jenkins by Carl E. Baugher

Many consider Leroy Jenkins to be the leading violinist of the Post Bop, creative improvising music revolution. This study traces Jenkins' life journey in music from the church to the concert hall and provides an in-depth analysis of his work along with a complete discography.